Bespoke Behaviour Plans


It can feel really overwhelming when your dog is displaying a behaviour that causes you, them, or both distress but you’re unsure how to help. We can support you to alter challenging behaviours in a kind, ethical way that leads to happier, more relaxed dogs and humans.


  • Every behaviour consultation and plan varies depending on the scope of the issue at hand.
  • We use functional behaviour analysis techniques to use ethical, force and fear free methods to alter behaviour for the better.
  • All behaviour issues come with a plan that we’ll give you to be able to keep implementing the behaviour change successfully.
  • We can help with a variety of behaviour needs, please get in touch to enquire about your specific circumstances for more information about how we can help.

What It En-Tails

  • 15 Minute free consulation call to discuss your needs
  • At least one session in person, but potentially more depending on need.
  • Follow up calls and support where needed.
  • Bespoke behaviour plan for you to work from.
  • Behaviour issues all vary hugely, and plans are made bespoke for you and your dogs needs.
  • Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further and I can give you an idea of cost and what a plan for you may look like.

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