Personal Training Suppawt


Do you really want to get a firm grasp on ethical training techniques? Perhaps you’ve got some specific skills you want to learn alongside your pup. We can help doing 1-2-1 sessions on all aspects of development in your home environment.


  • Perfect your training timing and technique with expert coaching and advice
  • Bespoke, dog specific advice to help you progress any behaviours you’re working on faster and with less frustration or confusion for your dog.
  • Learn and practice more about areas you’re interested in such as cooperative care, scent work or the most perfect sit!
  • All carried out in your home environment to make the session as relaxing and productive as possible.

What It En-tails

  • Sessions led by you and your dogs interests.
  • Topics we can cover include helping your dog love grooming and handling, progress your loose lead walking for the ultimate “smily” lead and reliable recalls.
  • I’ll coach you through the stages and give you further steps to keep progressing together once I’m gone.
  • 1 Hour session in your home
  • Flexibility to work around your schedule
  • Book as a one off or a few sessions for ongoing support

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