Why Choose Poppy Rose Training?

In my career as a Guide Dog trainer I saw exactly how amazing the bond between a dog and a human can be, and how incredible standards of skills can be achieved all via the means of positive reinforcement training. I fell in love with giving dogs as much choice and control as possible, and watching them give me enthusiastic effort in return. The more I’ve learnt, the more fun and confidence I’ve had working with all manner of dogs, including my dog, Poppy. I’m passionate about passing on my learning to everyone, so you can also have fun, get creative, and above all work with your dog to get to the ultimate goal of living together with excellent well-being for both dog and human.

PRT doesn’t just stand for Poppy Rose Training in the animal behaviour world, it also stands for Positive Reinforcement Training. This methodology is based on finding what your dog finds reinforcing, and using that to help guide them into learning or altering behaviours accordingly. It builds trust, positive relationships, and has no negative fall outs behaviourally (which less ethical interventions can do). Most of all, it’s really fun, for both humans and dogs. And if I can use it to teach a dog to keep a visually impaired human safe, then together we can certainly use it to help you teach your pup to recall or sit, the skies the limit! (I haven’t yet figured out how to teach a dog to fly but give me time).


I started as most people did, by getting a dog and becoming utterly besotted. This led to volunteering with local trainers, helping them with classes and one to ones. I then went on to train professional assistance dogs at Guide Dogs, working with some of the best trainers in the UK to implement a new training programme, utilising positive reinforcement techniques to help dogs guide visually impaired humans safely and confidently. I even appeared live on Channel 4 to promote these training techniques.

I’m passionate about the ethics of dog training and I have first hand experience that training kindly and positively means happier dogs and humans, whilst also producing incredible results. I’m committed to continual learning to be at the forefront any new science on animal behaviour, most recently completing a prestigious animal behaviour course with Dr Susan Friedman, Ph.D. I’ve worked UK-wide during my career but I now reside in Sheffield, with my pawtner in training, Poppy.

Rose live on Channel 4 on Steph’s Packed Lunch, showing positive reinforcement techniques with trainee guide dog Levin


Poppy is a 10 year old cavapoo, who is exasperated by her breed name. She’s spent the last 10 years teaching Rose all about how to be a good dog owner to her, and feels that she’s shaping up alright now after years of graft on Poppy’s part. In her spare time Poppy loves to sniff most leaves and some walls, occasionally a lamppost. She’s also a big fan of snoozing in windows so as to look very intimidating to passers by, and takes the term “lap dog” very seriously when it comes to naptime.