Even More Pawgress


Available both as a follow on from puppy class, or for first time adult dogs that want a supportive, group environment to build on their foundations. Continue to build your dogs’ skills, and give them loads of techniques to build confidence, self control and have fun! You get a peer group to learn with and access to a professional trainer every week to ask questions.


  • Learn about cooperative care and how to get your dog to actively choose to be groomed or have eye drops administered!
  • Recall, recall and a bit more recall. It can never be too reliable, play even more games so that you are your dogs number one choice always!
  • Enrichment ideas to help your dog practice all their natural behaviours in safe and appropriate ways (no more destroyed flower beds!)
  • Scent work introductions, harness the extraordinary power of the nostrils for a calmer, happier dog!


  • Using chin rest or the bucket game, we can teach your dog they have control over any procedures we have to do “to” them, such as clipping nails
  • Recall is all about making YOU exciting, treats, toys, running around pretending to be a squirrel… nothing’s off limits when it comes to perfecting the elusive recall.
  • Learn more about ways to set your home and life up so your dog doesn’t even consider doing anything undesirable because they’re so satisfied already.
  • Scent work can be anything from scattering treats in long grass, through to teaching your dog to find your keys in the house. But the common thread is it’s super, duper fun for your pup (and I personally feel the deep sniffing noise is an endorphin releaser for humans too!)

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