Advice and Help Before Your Dog Arrives


Feel prepared to give your new family member the best possible start in your home, by upskilling yourself to be the best dog owner you can before they arrive. Receive bespoke advice on how best to set yourselves up for a dog, and what to expect in the first few days. Learn the basics of positive reinforcement training, and why it’s the most fun and ethical approach for both dogs and humans! It also includes a follow up visit to give you support when you need it most.


  • Learn about clicker training and practice your timing
  • Home analysis – get advice on how to set up your environment to make the transition into your space as easy as possible (without losing your favourite vase to excitable paws!)
  • Equipment advice – The basics, the essentials, and what you don’t need to worry about just yet!
  • Body language basics – Channel your inner Dr Dolittle by reading your dogs body language. Become an expert so you can understand your partner from day one.
  • A follow up visit once your new arrival is here for reminders and support in those crucial early days.

What It En-tails

  • Clicker training drills, practice on us to perfect your technique
  • I’ll walk through your home with you and make a checklist to prepare fully
  • I’ll show you how to use ethical equipment such as harnesses, and how best to introduce these to your dog
  • Do you know the signs of a relaxed, happy dog? Soft mouth, ears neutral and swishy tail can all be signs our partner is chilling. We’ll learn to how to recognise and read these and more.
  • 2 Hour Visit prior to your dogs arrival
  • 1 Hour Follow up visit once your dog has arrived
  • Peace of mind and support from the very beginning

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