Feel Pup-ared with Friendly Group Training Classes


Getting a new puppy is really exciting, but can also be super daunting! There’s so much to think about and teach your new little one whilst they’re in their prime learning months. Puppies are sponges for experiences and you understandably want to get off to a strong start from day one. But with so much information out there and so much to seemingly fit in, how do you know where to start?


  • Get introduced to the concepts of Positive Reinforcement Training and learn how to have healthy, mutually beneficial training sessions with your dog.
  • We’ll cover all the classics: toilet training, crate training, these teeth are really sharp what do I do about biting training!
  • Learn appropriate greetings and socialising skills, for both you and your dog.
  • Putting the fun back in fundamental skills with games that kickstart recall and loose lead walking.
  • Access to professional training advice for questions every week.

What it En-Tails

  • You’ll learn and practice appropriate socialisation to places, people and other dogs so you are confident introducing your puppy to the world.
  • Build on fundamental skills each week to help you progress your dogs training between classes.
  • Playing exciting (but educational!) games will deepen your bond and understanding of all the things your puppy is trying to communicate.
  • Classes give you support and structure through those crucial early days to reassure you you’re on the right track to a healthy, happy, lifelong partnership with your puppy.
  • 6 Weeks of 50 minute classes
  • Professional trainer advice
  • Solid foundation from the start of your journey

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